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Heavy Duty Truck Chassis Straighten Machine

Semi’s and large trucks require special equipment to be able to handle the truck frame straightening that is required to ensure the vehicle is fixed properly. Customers can take the guess work out with the use of a full size truck frame straightening bench by AUTENF.
AUTENF Commercial Vehicle Frame Straightening Machine is a powerful, heavy-duty frame straightening machines and it is specially designed to repair frames on medium and heavy duty semi-trucks, such as lorries, buses, trams, rail vehicles, industrial trucks and similar.
Specifications of below set for reference:

Model ATB-1003
Platform size 11960 mm × 2580 mm
Platform height 600 mm
Platform thickness 250 mm
Platform lifting capacity 120 tons
Pulling tower quantity 6 sets
Pulling capacity 25 tons
Pulling range 270°
Gross weight 16.2 tons