1.6L air pump

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air over hydraulic pump with 1.6 liter reservoir
Click for its working video: TFAUTENF air over hydraulic pump

Product name single speed air hydraulic pump
Definition an air hydraulic pump delivers hydraulic fluid under pressure through the use of compressed air as a power source. 
Usage supply power to single acting cylinder
Reservoir material PP modified plastic
Reservoir capacity 1.8 L
Reservoir usable 1.6 L
Oil delivery speed (no load) 0.74~0.94 L/min
Oil delivery speed (with load) 0.098~0.13 L/min
Air pressure (input) 0.27~0.84 mPa
Oil pressure (output) 70 mPa
Air inlet port 1/4" - 18 NPT
Oil outlet port 3/8" - 18 NPT
Pump dimension 225x130x200 mm
Note: Due to product improvements design, specifications are subject to change without notice.


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