TF-6055/TF-6075 battery powered heavy duty column lift

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heavy duty column lift

OEM/ODM service available
1. LCD screen on all columns to show the exact lifting height and fault warnings;
2. Operation at each column, up / down / lock/emergency stop;
3. Aerial to provide wireless communication;
4. Optional communication cable to ensure communication in extreme environments;
5. Hydraulic trolley helps to move the column easily and makes your work easy and comfortable;
6. Adjustable wheel support for more kinds of wheels;

Other features
◆ Master / Slave columns;
◆ With or without cable at your choice;
◆ Hydraulic drive, insensitive and nearly maintenance-free.
◆ Flattened base frame for vehicles with low ground clearance; 
◆ Double safety guaranteed by both hydraulic flow control and mechanical locks;
◆ SCM technology guarantees synchronization;
◆ Remote control handle with 5meters cable available;
◆ Hydraulic pallet jack at your choice;
◆ Lifting beam available;

Brief introduction
hydraulic truck lift
Truck lift refers to a mechanism or device that raises a truck off the ground, allowing for easier access to the underside of the vehicle or to lift heavy objects onto the truck bed. There are several types of truck lifts, including hydraulic truck lifts, scissor truck lifts, and parallelogram truck lifts, each with their own unique features and applications. These truck lifts are commonly used in automotive repair shops, construction sites, and warehouses to improve productivity and safety.
TFAUTENF Wireless Heavy Duty Truck Lift is designed for the purposes of heavy vehicles assembling, repairing, maintenance, oil-changing, washing etc. It is designed and manufactured under European standard EN 1493:2010.

Specification / Models TF-6055 TF-6075
Product name hydraulic truck lift; wireless truck lift; mobile truck lift hydraulic truck lift; wireless truck lift; mobile truck lift
Column quantity 6 6
Lifting capacity 33 tons/set (72752 lb/set) 45 tons/set (99208 lb/set)
Lifting stoke 1650 mm (65 in) 1650 mm (65 in)
Max. lifting height 1750 mm (68.9 in) 1750 mm (68.9 in)
Applicable tire diameter 500~1120 mm (20~44 in) 500~1120 mm (20~44 in)
Fork length 402 mm (15.8 in) 402 mm (15.8 in)
Lifting Time 90 s 90 s
Falling time 80 s 80 s
Working voltage DC 24V DC 24V
Charging voltage 110V/220V 110V/220V
Motor power per column 3 KW 3 KW
Column size (L*W*H) 1100×1330×2250 mm (43.3×52.4×88.6 in) 1100×1330×2250 mm (43.3×52.4×88.6 in)
Column weight 650 kg (1433 lb) 670 kg (1477 lb)
Mobile axle stands Optional Optional

truck lift drawings
Note: Due to product improvements design, specifications are subject to change without notice.


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