TF-F40 4-ton 4-post wheel alignment lift

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four post wheel alignment lift
Click to see its working video: TFAUTENF four post car lift

Specification /Product name four post car lift with mini scissor lift
Lifting capacity 4000 kg/8818 lb
Sub-lift lifting capacity 2000 kg/4409 lb
Lifting height 1500 mm/59 in
Sub-lift lifting height 470 mm/18.5 in
Platform length 4200 mm/165.35 in
Runway plate width 550 mm/21.65 in
Rated hydraulic pressure 18 Mpa
Working voltage 220V/380V
Working power 2.2 KW
Total weight 1200 kg/2645 lb

1. high quality electric-hydraulic pump, powerful, and low failure rate;

2. manual unlocking system, easy and convenient to operate;

3. locking system keep working during lifting, to ensure its safety even when wire rope breaks;

4. rolling jack rolls smoothly, and helps to raise the vehicle from different positions;

5. design of removable board and sliding plate allows the lift to work as wheel-alignment lift;

6. ISO 9001: 2015 and CE certificated;

Note: Due to product improvements design, specifications are subject to change without notice.


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